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Visitors Are Welcome!


We welcome you to visit our gompa (temple) to participate or just observe our practices, activities, teachings, and/or other events. Our visitors may be looking for a sangha, looking for a practice group while visiting or staying in Tucson for a while, some are just curious about Tibetan Buddhist practices, and we have students visiting from the University of Arizona or other schools as part of their religious studies classes, and so forth. We encourage you to explore our website before your visit to learn more about us.


The best time to visit is during our Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Hour on Sundays at 11 am. It is best to come a few minutes early so that we may explain parts of the ritual for your best possible experience. For other Awam Institute activities please explore our website and call or send us an email so that we are best able to help with your visit. We are happy to make appointments for personal or group visits.


Seating for practices is either on one of our Tibetan rugs (pillows are available or bring your own cushion) or in chairs. We ask that you dress appropriately for a religious service and that you remove your shoes in the lobby.  Wear comfortable clothing if you plan on sitting on the floor. For the Meditation Hour and other practice sessions, prayer books or other practice texts are available to use or follow along.


We hope that you will ask questions as well. It can be helpful to jot down notes ahead of or during your visit for this purpose. Khenpo Dean, Jane Stanley or other sangha members will be glad to talk to you about any aspects of our service, our shrine, our thankas (wall hangings), our rituals or Tibetan Buddhism.  If you are interested, we can tell you about some of our other programs and classes as well.


We are located at 3400 E Speedway Blvd, Suite 204, Tucson AZ (just east of Whole Foods). Message phone: 520-622-8460.



May all beings be happy!