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Innate Happiness: Realizing Compassion-Emptiness by Khenpo Drimed Dawa through AmazonSmile


Khenpo Drimed Dawa’s book on the complete path of Tibetan Buddhism for householders. Paperback and eBook versions are available.


Khenpo Dean is known for his concise, clear explanations of the dharma. Innate Happiness provides background and a series of concise, incremental steps toward compassion-emptiness – enlightenment – for Western householders in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It is largely adapted from the teachings of Padmasambhava, the second Buddha. The book guides the reader through a brief history of Buddhism in India and Tibet, as well as its major principles. This is followed by 52 concise daily practices on the Path of Individual Liberation, the Path of Altruism, the Path of Tantra, and the Path of Great Perfection. Each path takes the reader through the Three Teachings: ethics, meditation, and wisdom. These are then summarized into an explanation of the innate happiness we know as enlightenment, the realization of compassion-emptiness. Thus, it covers a complete cycle for study, contemplation, meditation and realization. Each practice is highly suitable for the busy lives of Westerners with little time for formal meditation. This is also the core text for our Essentials of Buddhism classes.


The eBook is available from and other outlets. Free readers are available for most computers and other devices. The paperback version is also available. May ALL beings be happy!



May all beings be happy!