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Weekly Meditation & Yoga Opportunities at Awam

Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, 3400 E Speedway, Suite 204, Tucson AZ

(Located just east of Whole Foods in the Rancho Center)


We are delighted to be able to offer additional practice sessions suitable for a wide variety of people from beginners to advanced practitioners. We welcome everyone, regardless of religious or secular beliefs, who would like to experience the benefits of meditation and yoga!


Sunday Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Hour - Sundays, 11:00 - noon: Khenpo Dean leads a one-hour meditation practice including chanting, a variety of deity practices, a short dharma talk, and a ritual blessing. This is an opportunity for group practice in a convenient weekly format. The benefit of group practice is multiplied by the number of participants, so please join us! Everyone is welcome to attend. FREE (donations to support our Meditation Center gratefully accepted).


Silent Meditation - Tuesdays, 6:00 pm NEW: Come rest your mind with any form of silent meditation during any part or all of this hour. You may schedule a session to learn basic meditation by calling Ruth at least one day ahead at 520-615-0445 for an appointment. FREE (donations to support our Meditation Center gratefully accepted).


Tibetan Yoga Class meets on Saturday mornings at 10:00 am led by Patrick Flint, an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher. NO CLASS OCTOBER 7.  The 21 Tibetan Yogas are a form of yoga by the Tibetan master Longchenpa that is particularly suitable as a preparation for meditation and is very adaptable to those with physical limitations that are a barrier to many other forms of yoga. A book by Khenchen Lama is available for $15. Suggested donation: $5 per session.


Meet with Khenpo Dean - You may schedule a session with Khenpo Dean to discuss your practice, Vajrayana, Buddhism in general, or how best to live the dharma in daily life. Send an email request to Khenpo.Drimed.Dawa@gmail.com. FREE




Kalachakra Retreat

Saturday, October 7th, 9 am - 4 pm

Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, 3400 E Speedway, Suite 204, Tucson AZ

(Located just east of Whole Foods in the Rancho Center)


This is a one-day, open retreat based on the Kalachakra Guru-Yoga in Conjunction with Six-Session Practice by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, although we will be doing four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a break for lunch. Students of the Kalachakra class will have a copy of the sadhana. Others should request a copy by email to Khenpo.Drimed.Dawa@gmail.com. Students should have the Kalachakra empowerment, or at least a highest yoga tantra empowerment to participate. FREE (donations gladly accepted).




Friday Movie and Potluck Tsok

The Search for Shangri La

October 20th, 6-8:30 pm

Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, 3400 E Speedway, Suite 204, Tucson AZ

(Located just east of Whole Foods in the Rancho Center


We are delighted to share another Buddhist movie and potluck dinner.


For years, adventurers from all over the world have searched for the mythic paradise of Shangri La and have found little...until now.  Explore sacred Buddhist caves and witness as experts look back into time as they uncover centuries-old manuscripts and stunning wall paintings that have remained undisturbed for many years.  Has  the real Shangri La really been discovered?  Will it survive the erosion and visitors that the future is bound to bring?


Please bring a friend and some food to share. While there is NO CHARGE for attendance, we do appreciate donations of however much you can contribute toward our monthly rent for our beautiful Meditation Center. Thank you for your generosity and consideration.




Dakini Day Practice - Troma

4th Wednesday, October 25th, 6-7 pm New Date & Time

Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, 3400 E Speedway, Suite 204, Tucson AZ

(Located just east of Whole Foods in the Rancho Center)


Our Dakini Day practice and tsok, now on the 4th Wednesday is based on a series of four practices from HH Dudjom Rinpoche's The Dakini Heart Essence: (1) Yeshe Tsogyal as the outer dakini, (2) Kurukulle as the inner dakini, (3) Simhamukha as the secret dakini, and (4) Troma as the innermost secret dakini. We rotate through these four practices over 4 months. The next practice will be Troma. Texts will be provided. You may bring a simple snack food to be included in our tsok offering. FREE. Donations gladly accepted.




 Have you ever wanted to visit Shangri La?

We have the next best thing!


On Saturday, October 21, courtesy of Arizona Friends of Tibet (AFoT), you can visit an authentic Buddhist temple, like those found in the remote kingdom of Bhutan. Believe it or not, this beautiful shrine is on the University of Texas at El Paso campus. Vans depart from 205 S. Park Ave., Tucson, 85719, between E. Broadway and E. 13th St.) at 8:30AM, Saturday, October 21. Free parking provided.


ITINERARY: We will stop midway for lunch at a restaurant to be determined (or if you prefer, you can bring your own lunch). The trip to El Paso will take around 5.5 hours. At the Temple, we will meet our guide, Losang Samten. Losang will lead our tour, which will include a meditation and a dharma talk and will return with us to Tucson. Losang is a former Namygal Tibetan monk, also known as the Mandala Man. Some of you may remember that over the past few years, he has created three mandalas for AFoT at the Student Union building at the University of Arizona. We will have an early dinner in El Paso and be back in Tucson by midnight.


Total cost of the tour is $75 per person plus meals.

Sign up on our website at http://www.arizonafriendsoftibet.org/Events_page.html. Deadline for sign-up is Saturday October 14.


Seating is limited so register now for this unique and memorable experience!


Public Talk - Arizona Friends of Tibet

Saturday, October 22nd, 4:30 - 5:30pm

Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, 3400 E Speedway, Suite 204, Tucson AZ

(Located just east of Whole Foods in the Rancho Center)

Sunday October 22, Losang will give a dharma talk, 4:30 - 5:30PM at the Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute. He is a talented healer and will be available for individual healing appointments that same day.  To make an appointment, contact Peggy Hitchcock, 520-722-1956.










May all beings be happy!