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Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute has added a Facebook Live meditation hour at the request of some of our members. We will meet on Wednesday Evenings at 6:00 pm Tucson Time (= Pacific Daylight Time) at Facebook.com/AwamTBI/Live. We will include some brief opening prayers from our “Meditation Practice Manual” and Tara Rito Loma Jonma (#20 of the 21 Taras) who provides protection against contagious diseases, plagues, and fevers. We will focus our attention on COVID-19. The Meditation Practice Manual and sadhana are available on our Resources page.


We are continuing without in-person activities for now.


During this challenging time, we are moving basic activities to online only. Please join us. This is a good time for home retreat - meditate as much as you can, even several short times each day. We also recommend reciting additional prayers and/or mantras for the benefit of self and others. Follow the directions of your personal lama, if you have one. If not, many are suggesting Tara mantras. Others you might consider include White Tara, Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha, or Om Ah Hung Hri. Thank you for your help. Stay safe!



Weekly Meditation Opportunities

at Awam


Being done for now with Facebook LIVE

(In-Person activities have been canceled for now.)


You must have a Facebook account and be a “friend” of “Khenpo Drimed Dawa” or “follower” of “Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute”, if you are not already. Once you become a “friend” or “follower”, you will receive announcements in your Facebook feed. Click on the picture in your newsfeed or go directly to Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE a few minutes before the start time. Please post a note in the comment box to let us know you are present. Times are Tucson AZ (= Pacific Daylight).


Sunday Tibetan Buddhist Meditation HourSundays, 11:00 – noon: Khenpo Dean leads a one-hour meditation practice online, including preliminary practices, Nature of Phenomena Prayer, Heart Sutra, one of a variety of deity practices, a short dharma talk, long-life and closing prayers from our “Meditation Practice Manual”. A copy of the text may be downloaded from “Resources”. The benefit of group practice is multiplied by the number of participants, so please join us! Everyone is welcome to attend. FREE. Donations welcome.



Dakini Day Practice Online - Yeshe Tsogyal

Wednesday, May 27, 6-7 pm on Facebook Live


We honor Dakini Day on the 4th Wednesday each month on Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE. Our Dakini Day practice and tsok, is based on a series of four practices from HH Dudjom Rinpoche’s The Dakini Heart Essence: (1) Yeshe Tsogyal as the outer dakini, (2) Kurukulle as the inner dakini, (3) Simhamukha as the secret dakini, and (4) Troma as the innermost secret dakini. We rotate through these four practices over 4 months.


The next practice will be Yeshe Tsogyal. Although often referred to as being Padamasambhava's main consort, she was primarily a spiritual master and teacher in her own right. She is known to have revealed terma (treasure texts) with Padmasambhava and was also the main scribe for these terma. Later, Yeshe Tsogyal also hid many of Padmasambhava's terma on her own, under the instructions of Padmasambhava for future generations. Based on her spiritual accomplishments, the Nyingma and Karma Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism recognize Yeshe Tsogyal as a female Buddha.



Go to Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE a few minutes before the start time and post a note in the comment box so we know you are present. Texts are available. Please email Khenpo.Drimed.Dawa@gmail.com to request a copy. This practice includes a concise tsok feast, so you may want to have a small snack and drink available (traditionally meat and alcohol, but any symbolic substances will do here). FREE. Donations gladly accepted.



Other Upcoming Days & Events!

Pending Coronavirus Status



  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Sunday, May 3, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.
  • Dakini Day, Sunday, May 17, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.
  • US Memorial Day, Monday, May 25



  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Monday, June 1, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.
  • Saga Dawa Duchen, Friday, June 5, 6 pm, smoke puja and tsok feast. (Tentative)
  • Dakini Day, Monday, June 15, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.
  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Tuesday, June 30, birth of Guru Rinpoche, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.



  • US Independence Day, Saturday, July 4 (observed Friday, July 3)
  • HH Dalai Lama’s Birthday, July 6
  • Dakini Day, Wednesday, July 15, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.
  • Chokkor Duchen, Friday, July 24, 6 pm, smoke puja and tsok feast.
  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Wednesday, July 29, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.

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May all beings be happy!