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We are continuing without in-person activities for now


Please join us online. This is a good time for home retreat - meditate as much as you can, even several short times each day. We also recommend reciting additional prayers and/or mantras for the benefit of self and others. Follow the directions of your personal lama, if you have one. If not, many are suggesting Tara mantras: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha. Others you might consider include White Tara, Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha, or Om Ah Hung Hri. And please consider joining us online – see below. Stay safe!



YouTube Videos - Free


Khenpo Drimed Dawa has released hundreds of dharma talk and class videos on YouTube for free! Add them to your home retreat! Originally recorded for dharma talks and classes at Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, these are now being released to the public for free. The videos are organized into playlists corresponding to a series of talks or a class. For detailed descriptions, go to Take Classes: Free Videos. To go directly to the playlists, go to YouTube and search for "Khenpo Drimed Dawa". YouTube does not permit organizing the order of playlists, so you may have to scroll down to find what you are looking for. If you can, donations on our website are appreciated. May all beings be happy!




Weekly Meditation Opportunities at Awam

Being done for now with Facebook Live

(Other weekly activities have been cancelled for now.)


You must have a Facebook account and be a “friend” of “Khenpo Drimed Dawa” or “follower” of “Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute”, if you are not already. Once you become a “friend” or “follower”, you will receive announcements in your Facebook feed. Click on the picture in your newsfeed or go directly to Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE a few minutes before the start time. Please post a note in the comment box to let us know you are present. Times are Tucson AZ (= Pacific Daylight).


Sunday Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Hour- Sundays, 11:00 - noon: Khenpo Dean leads a one-hour meditation practice including chanting, one of a variety of deity practices, a short dharma talk, and a ritual blessing. This is an opportunity for group practice in a convenient weekly format. The benefit of group practice is multiplied by the number of participants, so please join us! Everyone is welcome to attend. A copy of the text may be downloaded from our website AwamInstitute.org under "Resources". FREE. Donations welcome.


Wednesday Evening Meditation Practice - Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 pm (replaced with Dakini Day practice below on Wednesday July 22): Khenpo Dean leads a one-hour practice online, starting with preliminary practices, then a focus on Tara Rito Loma Jonma (one of the 21 Taras) known for protection against contagious diseases, plagues, and fevers. Our Meditation Practice Manual (for the preliminary practices) and the Tara Rito Loma Joma sadhana are available from our website AwamInstitute.org under "Resources". FREE. Donations appreciated.


For more information call 520-622-8460 or email EmailAwamTBI@gmail.com.



Kalachakra Retreat - Online

Saturday, July 4, Independence Day in US,

9am-noon on Facebook LIVE


Due to the continuing risks of the Corona virus, we will be doing an abbreviated retreat on Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE. Kalachakra, Wheel of Time, is one of the most advanced of all the tantra forms of practice. The concept of 'time' is used as the special metaphor to symbolize the process of transformation from mundane existence to complete enlightenment. Kalachakra is time and everything is under the influence of time, thus Kalachakra knows all. His consort, Vishvamata, is aware of everything that is timeless, is not time-bound or is out of the realm of time. In union, they represent the wheel without beginning or end.


This is an opportunity to engage in a half-day retreat (shortened from our usual all-day quarterly retreats due to the corona virus) with this special sadhana practice from HH the Dalai Lama and a very concise Dzogchen Kalachakra from our Padling Tersar lineage. Participants need a Kalachakra empowerment or some other Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment. (If you need the sadhanas, please email  Khenpo.Drimed.Dawa@gmail.com.) There will brief breaks between practice sessions. FREE (donations gladly accepted).



Simhamukha Dakini Practice - Online

Wednesday, July 22, 6-7 pm on Facebook LIVE


We honor Dakini Day on the 4th Wednesday each month on Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE. OurDakini Day practice and tsok, is based on a series of four practices from HH Dudjom Rinpoche'sThe Dakini Heart Essence: (1) Yeshe Tsogyal as the outer dakini, (2) Kurukulle as the inner dakini, (3) Simhamukha as the secret dakini, and (4) Troma as the innermost secret dakini. We rotate through these four practices over 4 months.


The next practice will be Simhamukha, the Lion-Faced Dakini. Simhamukha is a wisdom dakini. Her wrathful aspect skillfully overcomes and subdues violent negative energies. The Lion-Faced Dakini represents the wisdom that enables one to clear away the negativity of one's own mind, and through her practice one is imbued with spiritual power to gain mastery over samsara and nirvana. She is appropriate for clearing obstacles of the most pervasive and malignant kind, and cutting through the "three poisons" of mind. The practice is said to be a reliable source of protection when obstacles arise.... "Defilements attract the maras of hindrances and enemies just as a magnet attracts iron filings. When you clear away the negativity of your own poisons, there is nothing to attract the maras." This ancient practice has been important in Tibetan Buddhism since the time of Padmasambhava.


Go to Facebook.com/AwamTBI/LIVE a few minutes before the start time and post a note in the comment box so we know you are present. Texts are available. Please email Khenpo.Drimed.Dawa@gmail.com to request a copy. This practice includes a concise tsok feast, so you may want to have a small snack and drink available (traditionally meat and alcohol, but any symbolic substances will do here). FREE. Donations appreciated.



Chokhor Duchen Puja and Tsok - Online

Friday, July 24, 6 pm on Facebook Live (see process above)


Chokhor Duchen is one of the four great festivals in the Buddhist tradition. This one celebrates the first teachings of the Buddha following his enlightenment - The First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma, his teachings on the Four Noble Truths: suffering, the cause, the path, and the cessation. On this day the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied 10 million times! We celebrate with a smoke offering (puja) and food offering (tsok). Please bring some food to share. FREE (donations gladly accepted).



Other Upcoming Days & Events!



  • US Independence Day, Saturday, July 4 (observed Friday, July 3) and Kalachakra Retreat 9am - noon (details above).
  • HH Dalai Lama's Birthday, Monday, July 6
  • Tibetan Dakini Day, Wednesday, July 15, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.*
  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Wednesday, July 29, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.*



  • Tibetan Dakini Day, Friday, August 14, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.*
  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Friday, August 28, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.*



  • Tibetan Dakini Day, Saturday, September 12, good day for Dakini practice and tsok.*
  • Guru Rinpoche Day, Saturday, September 26, good day for Guru Yoga practice and tsok.*


* On the Tibetan calendar


Watch our monthly newsletter, Facebook, or go to AwamInstitute.org and click on "Explore Our Meditation Practices and Events" for more information.






May all beings be happy!